Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great first day of 2012.

I got to spend some time scrapbooking which was on the top of my resolution list.

After spending the last 2 weeks of 2011 finishing up a move, I was glad to finally have some space cleared to work on a project or two.

2011 was a crazy ride for us as a little family but we learned a lot and we all grew.  2012 is going to be a much better year and we can't wait to see what all it brings.

My store is winding down.  I still have inventory but I can see empty spaces on shelves that have been packed for the last 5 years.  My personal items are making their way into the shelves now as I turn them into storage for my new scrap room.  Yes, I have a dedicated space again.  Its not as big as the one I had before and I'm glad.  I had too much before and when we moved temporarily, I cleaned it all out.  I purged, I sold, I donated.  Since then, I've kept things pretty organized and inventory small.  So now, as I put it all away in its new space, I can see how functional this will be.

I started Project Life today.  I filled my first page protector with a few pictures leading up to 2012/New Years Eve.  That will be my cover page for the album.  I'll be sharing each week here on the blog so if you want to follow along, it will be here.

I leave in 2 weeks for Calgary to visit my dad.  I'm heading up there to see a Kings game.  I've seen hockey games in other cities before but never the Kings.  I finally get to cheer for them on the road.

My sign is made:

'I flew all the way from CA to see this game.  Please beat Calgary!'

We had to say goodbye to Ziggy the Elf on Christmas Eve but not before he took a few last pictures of himself doing naughty things.

Now that I have them all copied from my phone, I went to upload them to Scrapbookpictures.com last night and saw this message:

After 62 years of serving the photo industry as a family, we are sad to announce that we will be closing our business on the 3rd of January. It has been a real joy to participate in an industry that at it's heart is about capturing slices of everyday life and preserving memories. We wish it didn't have to end this way but due to a struggling economy and tight competition we are unable to continue.
We are working to transfer images and services to another provider and will post that information both here and by email when it becomes available. We will stop taking orders at midnight on the 3rd of January so place them while you can. If you need digital copies of your images you can order a print of them and check the box for a dvd archive of the order.
We sincerely thank you for helping make these last 62 years a great ride full of rewarding experiences.

I've used them exclusively for the past 6 years.  All of my online storage is through them.  I'm devastated.  It sounds as though they have a place they'll be transferring to so I just need to keep my eyes open.  Otherwise, I need to get everything printed on CD's and go from there.  They were my online backup source.  They were also the one place that printed odd sizes like 3x3 for my Instagram and Hipstamatic prints.  No one else does which means some PSE learning will take place in 2012.  I've found that Costco and a few other places print 12x12 sizes and I can get 16 prints on a sheet.  This will have to be my new plan but I'm still sad to see this business go.

I've tested places like Snapfish, Walmart, CVS and other online resources and while they're cheaper, they are not Scrapbookpictures.com.  I have never had a bad quality print or off color print delivered to me.  I'd rather pay their prices than get mediocre quality for less.  But thats just me.  I'd rather have great quality prints since I use them to print gifts for family and friends.  They will be missed.

I'm just glad I got this done before they closed their doors.  I have a waiting album and products to complete the Ziggy mini album - just needed the photos.

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