Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Life Week 2 - Part 1

Soooo, back to Project Life.  I went to a crop last weekend and got 2 weeks almost finished.  I took the bare bones with me to the crop so I didn't have my sticker letters.  I'm going to add them and the journaling this weekend when I have a moment to sit down.

But everything is in its place.  Now I just need to get the titles, journaling and some work on the Silhouette.

 Sunset one night while on my way to pick up the kid at school, The kid and his new skates for hockey lessons, a screen shot of the weather in Calgary, our plane, flying over Mt. Ranier, watching a hockey game on the plane, Tim Hortons - my first stop in Calgary, the headline from the local paper in Calgary.
 I got lazy this week and used mostly cards from the Becky Higgins Clementine kit.  Wow was that easy! I didn't feel like dragging a bunch of stuff to the crop so I took a few things.  That box of cards was a life saver!
 Everything is fare game.  I *love* the stamp backing in the Studio Calico stamps and the larger ones make great 4x6 journaling cards.  The Love tag is from Pebbles.  Flair is from Shelley Haganman. (HI Shelley!)

 I bought a few of these bags from Divine Twine last month with no real ideas and have them sitting there.  Some of these might be popping up in the PL this year.  I love that it holds out tickets and a brochure from the Calgary Zoo.  Oh and that is a shot of the screen on the tv from the plane.  You can track your flight the entire way.
 Back side of the bag.  Maya Road sheer snowflake, Banff sticker, Canada diecut from the local scrapbook store.
I love this layout!  4 big squares.  Thats my Timbits box.  Sticker from KI Memories, tags from Ormalu, Studio Calico and Chic Tags

This is the kind of shopper I am.  I ordered the multi pack box of page protectors from Amazon.  Did I look at what was in there?  No.  I just ordered the multi pack because I didn't want to be tied to one style for the entire year.  So when I saw this on Pinterest, you know I went snooping in my box looking at the available pages.
 You know I had to get some twine in here somewhere right?  Another sheet of Studio Calico stamp backer paper.  I have a whole stack of those.  Back to Nature sticker is from an old October Afternoon line.

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  1. You are SO rocking the PL!! I wish I had the guts to do it! Maybe next year!!!