Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Recap

December flew by (doesn't it always?) and my camera wasn't out as much as I would have liked.  Thats partly because I decided to not even attempt a December Daily this year.  I have unfinished ones from previous years and I didn't want to force myself into it this year.

I promised myself I would do a mini album about Ziggy, our Elf on the Shelf.   I got my order in at before they closed.  Good thing because they are the only online printer that offers 3x3 prints.  Not sure why no one else has picked up on that.  I didn't have time to edit and crop two 3x3's onto a 4x6 so I got the one last order in.  Now I'll need to find a better source and probably spend hours on editing....

Back to Christmas......

We decorated cookies and baked at the very last minute.  Each year we seem to bake less but with a smaller family and less people coming over its better.  Less leftovers!

We played on the computer while mommy worked.
Christmas Eve.  Thats the latest addition to the family - Nolan.  He got his own Christmas sock.  My grandmother makes those socks and everyone has one.  She's made over 60 of them over the years.

And then there was Christmas.  Someone is spoiled.  This is from us, my parents and his other grandparents.  Its considerably less than the year before and even less than the year before that.  We cut way back.

 He freaked over this monorail at Disneyworld in November.  Mommy, I mean Santa, had to be sly.  Grandpa Mike went back and got it for us and then shipped it.  Someone really thinks Santa listens to requests from little boys.
 My mom got him this.  He's finally interested in learning letters now.  It has a program where they trace the letters to learn how to write them.  Guess who's actually excited about writing his letters now?

As soon as he ran down the stairs, he shouted 'my monorail!' and ran for it.

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  1. looks like a happpy boy! love his pyama's