Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2 points!

Yeah! 2 points. A clean win too. No OT, no shootout - just a clean win over the Sharks. The Sharks. The same team that cleaned our clocks last Thursday saw the other side of the Kings. The Kings that are 'reloading'. With the talent this team has, there is no excuse for the poor play. Dustin Brown said it best last night in the post game interview that normally the team would have been deflated after the Sharks first goal, but they battled back and tied it up at 1. The Sharks scored a second goal (a soft one too) and they battled back again. They didn't let the Sharks into their zone and when they did, the defense was right there and Cloutier was hot. Did I just say that? I did. And the fact that he didn't get at least 1 of the 3 stars of the game last night, kind of upset me. He did have a good game and I do want to give him credit. I won't go any further than that, but he did have some spectacular saves. He's trying to play the short side (where most of his goals slip by) and he left 2/3rds of the net open for Michalek to score. The second goal Cloutier let in was weak. But he stayed in there.
Okay, enough good karma for Cloutier. He still has a lot of games to win before I even consider him a King. Yes, I DID say that!

So, some pictures from last night (courtesy of Yahoo Sports!):

Anze 'Saviour" Kopitar. (Fo'shizzle-kopitizzle). This kid is awesome and the future of the Kings.

Dustin Brown - 'Feelin' YOU!' What can Brown do for you?


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