Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Post #1 for today

There will be many, so keep checking. I have a lot of photos to upload.

Just checked and it looks like Garon is sitting near the top. Not too bad for a goalie who was supposed to be the #2 this season. My boy Labarbera got the boot to make room for a goalie who can't stop a beachball. Is it wring to want someone on your team injured? Cloutier may end up with whiplash if he keeps up his current play.....
So, even though I'd like to have Labarbera back in LA, I'll Garon his due.

So, with that posted.....bring up Labarbera! He's 3-3-0 with a .901% GAA. Cloutier is 1-6-0 with a .879% GAA. Okay, no comparison right now. And the Kings sadly, signed this moron to an extension before he even played a game. So tell me, why is Labarbera in Manchester???

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