Monday, November 13, 2006

Scalloped everything......

With this baby, I can scallop everything. Thats right, I bought one of these little suckers. No more trying to cut in a straight line with those scissors - I never did scissors. I'm kicking myself for not buying the extra package and getting the other two blades. But, there is always the next Expo right? :) So, I've scalloped a few things already and I love this thing. So easy to use. I have no use for the deckle or victorian blades so they'll stay neatly tucked away. I will be purchasing extra scalloped blades though. :) Lots of them. If I could scallop my house, I would. Everything in this house would be scalloped with lots of swarovski crystals on those scallops.


  1. i really love that paper cutter... who makes it?

  2. made easy inc makes the trimmer. I had a hrd time getting a hold of them off their website, but found out they went to the Scrapbook Expos. Picked one up at the Ontario show last month.

    The website is