Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A little love....

For my frustrated goalie. Jason is having a tough time with these back to back games. Not sure why Morris isn't playing Brust on the first or second of the games. Jason still looks good. My sources in Manchester tell me he pretty much stands on his head most of the game. He has his off game but he's usually on top of it. The last game he played in, they lost. They said he had some good saves, but didn't really show any flashes of brilliance. So, Brust got the last two starts. One win, one loss. Ha! In your face all of you Barry Brust lovers in Manchester who have been calling for my boys head! You all suck! Jason is better than Barry Brust. Barry Brust - doesn't that sound like the name of a porn star? I'll give him credit, he's better than Hauser - the 'round mound of no rebound'.
So, here's to my goaltender! My frustrated goaltender in Manchester.

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