Monday, December 19, 2011

Anatomy of a school party

Once again, I got beat out for the cupcakes on the sign up sheet.

I already had my ideas and half of the ingredients so I went ahead and made them.  Hey, my kid likes cupcakes!  And I figured its a cool treat for the teachers and staff.  The moms that beat me to the sign up sheet usually bring in store bought cupcakes or attempt to make cupcakes that don't turn out.  The last time, the mom put a thin layer of frosting on and the kids refused to eat them.  Come on, kids like frosting.  Its the ONLY reason to eat a cupcake right?  The cake is like the plate for the frosting.

All ideas are from Pinterest.

By the time I got to the sign up sheet, the only things left were cheese sticks, napkins and plates and goody bags.  Again, all the fun things were taken.  At first, I thought about just taking the month off and enjoying the party.  Then the room mom asked me if I was going to bring more of the 'cool goody bags' like Halloween.  Uhm, no.  I'm tired of those.  I really want the cupcakes.

I know, I'm worse than my 4 year old in the whining department.  But I really like cupcakes.  The crafty side won out and I made the goody bags.  The day before the party, the plates/napkins and cheese sticks were still outstanding on the sign up sheet.

I went around and around on the goody bags and finally came up with this.

I used a shape from the Silhouette store to cut out the little boxes and then I filled them with holiday stuff.  I couldn't find Christmas pencils or anything so its all candy in there.  And a sheet of snowflake stickers.  The snowman box is for the teacher.  The rest are for the kids in the class. (Note, the Silhouette notches the folds for you.  These boxes went together very easily and the snowflake was part of the set.)

Bakers Twine: Divine Twine
Mist: Studio Calico Mister Huey White and Shine
Papers: Echo Park Seasons Greetings

The parties are always a success.

 The school even hires a Santa to come around to each classroom and hand out candy canes.

I  had to get a picture.  THOSE were the cupcakes.  
And the sing-a-long is my favorite part.

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  1. Hope you can have some cupcake baking fun with your family this christmas. I love the strawberry cupcake.