Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome December

Wow its been a long year.  Packed with every emotion you can imagine.  But its almost over and I'm vowing now that 2012 is going to be a fantastic year.

2012 will have:

Our 10 year anniversary.  Married.  10 Years.  Wow.

Nick will be 5 years old.  Where did that time go?

A big trip is planned for the anniversary and maybe another trip later in the year.  I want to take Nick to NYC for Christmas and I'm determined to make it happen.

The Calgary Stampede in July.

More crafty time.

A new space to decorate and make our own.


We recently celebrated my aunt and uncle's 70th Birthdays with a big party.  My Uncle wanted to do something for my Aunt so he threw a surprise party.  He had no idea where to start so he turned  it over to his daughters (my cousins) and us.  My mom and I *love* coming up with party decoration ideas.

Behind my Uncles back, his daughters turned this into a party for him as well since his birthday was back in July and everyone was so busy we didn't do anything big for him.

So, almost 75 people showed up to celebrate including my Aunt Bea from New York.  My dad has 3 sisters.  One here in California and 2 living in New York.  They don't get together as often as they should but they try.  When they're all together - all 4 of them - the kids (there's 8 of us) joke that the entire brain is together.  That the four of them each share a portion of one brain.

One of my aunts was unable to make it because her son and daughter in law were expecting a baby any day.  She couldn't miss that!

So we have 3/4 of the brain there!

 Nick with Aunt Bea
 Nick with my mom
 My dad and his sister Bea

 Can you tell he was on the floor all night long?  He danced with anyone that would dance with him.

 And where. the. heck. did he learn THAT move?  He's got moves like.....Travolta?
 My dad with 2 of his sisters.  
And some of the decorations.

 Each table had a different set of pictures in the frame.  We emailed everyone and asked for pictures of them as kids.

And I never did get a picture of the invitations before I mailed them all out but they were inspired by this idea on Pinterest.

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