Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm making good on my promise to spend more time reconnecting with the craft.  I've missed it these past 5 years.

After I got together with my friend a couple of weekends ago, I was on a roll.  I couldn't stop.  I have been throwing out layouts and cards for the past two weeks.  I try to spend evenings working on projects while watching movies.  This is the perfect time because we can stream Netflix on the iPad in the craft room or use the portable DVD player to watch DVD's.  I'm old school.  I still have an actual Queue at Netflix.  We don't get to go the movies a lot, so this is our main entertainment budget.  We get 3 DVD's at a time and unlimited streaming.

Now that most of our shows are on holiday break, we're taking advantage of this and watching as many of them as we can.  I go in once a month and fill the queue up with new movies.  Ones that aren't even out in the theaters yet.  Ones I know I want to see but have no idea if I'll get to the theater to see.  So right now, there are a lot of movies in there.

Anyway, back to crafting.  I've made a lot of stuff lately.  I just mailed off 70 cards to Operation Write Home and I have another box half filled.  I forgot to take photos of any of the last box I sent but I made sure I snapped a few photos before this one leaves.  I'm planning on mailing it before the end of the month because it contains Valentine Cards and the deadline is January 1st.

These aren't anything special.  Very simple but I'm proud that I've made this many cards.  I'm NOT a card maker.  I just don't work with this size very well.  But I wanted to use up some of the scraps I have.  With these cards, I have officially finished off a Studio Calico kit and 2 add-ons.  Gone.  All of it.

There are at least 2 of each design in this box.  At last count, there were 47 cards ready to go.

I was running out of ideas and sentiments.  Not being a stamper, I don't have a bunch of stamps.  Oh, I have backgrounds and other fun things but not a selection of sentiment stamps.  So I went on a little stamp shopping spree last weekend.  Lots of fun sets on sale.  So now I'm ready to go.  I got the first shipment yesterday and I have 2 more coming.  By the end of the week, I should be in business!  Right now, I'm working with 2 birthday stamps and 1 anniversary stamp.  I was lucky enough to get that LOVE set from someone on the SC boards a while back.  Other than that, I have nothing to make cards with.


  1. Love you're cards, i have a lot of stamps but still use some of the sentiments over and over again:)
    i am still making some last minute christmas cards. Good to hear you're in the craftmood!

  2. love love!!! card making party soon :)