Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've failed as an Elf handler

One night last week, I was exhausted.  So exhausted that I was in bed by 8.  I fell asleep before the kid did.

That meant, Ziggy didn't do something crazy that night.  I had to come up with a reason why Ziggy was missing.  And in my brilliance, I came up with this plan:

Ziggy got stuck at the North Pole in a snow storm.  Couldn't make it back.  BUT, he hitched a ride with Santa's Helper on his way to the Mall.

We took Nick to the mall to visit Santas Helper and at the end, he dug Ziggy out of the candy basket.  I don't think Nick realized it was HIS elf until Santa told him.  So Ziggy is back with us and he's been up to his regular antics.

I, on the other hand have been busy working on the Ziggy album.  And because I'm a dork, its titled 'Getting Giggy with Ziggy'.

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