Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Will you have tea with me?

My aunts birthday was on 12/22 (even though we celebrated a month early) she wanted to take us all out as a thank you for planning the event.

She chose this tea house in San Juan.  Now, I'm not a tea person.  I'm not a girly girl so the thought of sitting in some stuffy house drinking tea and eating scones is, well, not my cup of tea.

I had fun.  I'm also a very picky eater.  Chicken salad?  No.  Cucumber and cream cheese?  Nope.  I'm running out of options for this tea.

Enter the Kids Tea.  Thats right, they have a 'little girls' tea.  I was all over that.  PB&J finger sandwiches.

My Moms' plate.
 My PB&J plate
 Tea cozy
 Currant scone with English cream and raspberry jam
 Pomegranate Mimosas.  All 5 of us have had a rough couple of months and we all laughed on the way down there.  We needed a stiff drink not tea!

So maybe I am a tea girl after all........

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