Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not really feeling it this year

I'm sure its everything going on around me and I'm trying, I really am.  I just can't get into Christmas this year.

Our house is turned upside down and I made the mistake to try and decorate.  I did it for Nick.  We have a tree and a few other things but thats all I can bring myself to do.

I do want to bake so I'm taking that as a sign that I have some soul left.  I'm not all Grinch this year.

I let him decorate the tree himself this year.  We found our Pug ornaments from last year and he was SO excited to hang 'Rascal' on the tree.  (No pugs were hurt in the decorating process this year).

Now our nights are filled with Christmas specials on every channel I can find them on.

I'm trying.

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  1. I always love to decorate the house, and now my kids love it as well. I usually let them do the front window and they are always so excited to open the box and see all the decorations which have been at the attic for a year.
    Looks like your son loves it as well.