Saturday, April 7, 2012

AT+KP Projects

One of the nice things about taking the classes with these wonderful ladies is that I came home with some finished or almost finished projects.

I slapped a couple of pictured on this one and called it done!

I kept the colors kind of neutral knowing which photos I wanted to use.  I didn't have them with me in class but I printed them out as soon as I got home.  The original layout had more pink in it.  The strip of watercolor at the bottom was pink in her idea.  I'm not a fan of pink in any format so I went ahead and left out some elements and stuck with the blue/green.

Kelly Purkey showed us a great idea to get a cute mini album out of the Studio Calico mini journal.

 A little mist and some clear embossing powder to create a resist 
 We cut down some of the 6x6 papers from the Abroad
pad and added them to the journal.  I tore out about half 
of the paper pad in a random fashion and adhered my 
patterned papers in there.  On some I used the Fabrips.

My plan is to throw in some random Instagram or Hipstamatic prints.  I used to take a lot of these but I've cut back since closed.  I don't have a decent place to get them printed anymore.  It seems like Persnickety prints is now offering these sizes so I might start taking them again and give them a try.

 And finally, another Amy Tan Daybook.  I normally wouldn't buy
this style but after looking through the insides, I was 
surprised.  I really like the little pages in this one.  I 
titled it 'Adventures' but I have no idea what I'll actually
put in there.....

I have an intense week planned.  My parents are home from Canada for Easter (my dad was transferred up there last year), my son is on Spring Break and its Stanley Cup Playoff time.

My team is in and at the time of this post, they are currently holding down 1st place in their Division.  They play the Sharks tonight so that *could* change.  I'd love to see them walk away with 2 points.

ETA: So they got 1 point out of it and are still in 1st place but they need to win Saturday.  Because of this bonehead move by both Clowe and all 4 refs, the final minutes were tarnished.  Not that the Kings needed any help in totally screwing this one up (oh no, Jon Quick has that dubious honor) but still, it was a boneheaded move by the player.

You make the call......


  1. Great projects! Lucky you for getting to take the class thanks for sharing what you worked on.

  2. Looks like some fun projects.

  3. got a lot done! Love the cameras I'm seeing everywhere. Love them so much that I'm hunting down a camera stamp!

  4. Thanks for showing your class projects. Seems like you really enjoyed the experience. I was hesitant about the day book too but I'm going to give it a chance. Thanks for making me try something outside my comfort zone.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Great mini! Love! Have a great Easter!

  6. Nice layout. I like the blue/green colouring better as I think it goes better with the photos.
    Your books are real neat.
    I got a good laugh at your comment on my blog ;)

  7. Those two ladies rock!! So cool you could follow their class. Wonderfull projects :) Happy Easter!