Friday, April 13, 2012

Where you'll find me.

Spring Break is almost over.  Two more days and the boy goes back to school.  I crave routine.

In the middle of all the Spring Break goings on, NHL Playoffs began.  I know, I know.  Its not the NFL, MLB or NBA.  I get bored watching those sports.

So Wednesday night, we gathered as a family to watch the Kings/Canucks series.

And the Kings won.

Then again tonight, we gathered again and the Kings beat Vancouver again.  The 8th seed beat the #1 seed.  On the road.  For the Kings, thats just unheard of.  The team that crumbles under pressure and totally falls for all the cheap penalty traps.

Well, not this time.

They come home for Games 3&4 leading the series 2-0.  They could, potentially sweep and win Game 4 at home in front of the home crowd.

In the spirit of Playoff season, my friends on Facebook have been posting all kinds of funny, photoshopped jokes.  Some of my faves from the week.....

 And how sad is it that a major sports media outlet can't spell a players name right?
So for now, I'll be scrapping on a tv tray in front of the tv.

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