Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not quite ready to let Spring Break go....

Its been almost a week since Spring Break ended but with the *really* warm weather we have this week, we spent a day at the beach.

My husband had a day off this week so we picked the kid up from school as soon as it let out - he's still on half days so its kind of nice to do spur of the moment things like this.

The temperature in my car registered at 79, but at the beach it was more like 65.  Whoops!  However there wasn't much of a breeze and the sun was shining.  Not a cloud in the sky.  So it felt more like 75 once we got to our spot.

N found a friend and taught him all kinds of new things.  Like stepping on sand castles and digging up shells with sticks.

Lots of birds....

The best site of the day?  Dolphins.  Swimming pretty close to shore.

When we got tired of the beach, we drove back to the house and our newly 'Summer-ized' back yard.  It was all scrubbed down that morning.

Thanks to Michaels for having a sale on washable paints!


  1. Wonderful photos--- I sooooo need a vacation! Looks beautiful!

  2. Awesome photos. You are lucky to live so close to such a beautiful beach.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a fun trip!