Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter crafts

I decided at the last minute to make a few things.  Nothing major, just a few cute things for the table.  I tried to keep it easy but I couldn't.  I had to make something.

We went to the East Egg Hunt at the local horse stables.

Of course we dyed eggs.
 With Aunt Rose and Grandpa.

 That all came off in the bath that night!

We tried something different.  I saw THIS on Pinterest
and had to try it.  Came out awesome!

We watched {lots} of hockey while we died eggs.  All 30 teams played Saturday.  My team made it into the 8th and final spot for the West.  We play Vancouver but I believe we can beat them.
Go Kings Go!

And finally we celebrated.  In our new space.  With our new table and my newly unpacked china.  We even had to buy a folding table to fit everyone in!

 Baskets were cut from a Silhouette file.
 Filled with candy and a dyed egg.
 Used the idea from the Amy Tan + Kelly Purkey class last weekend.
The host store wrapped washi tape around the water bottles and
it looked so cute!  we decided to give it a try.  I actually used
some of the washi tape.  Didn't make a dent in my stash though!
 Everyone got a water bottle.
 Two tables to host 16 people.  A couple cancelled at the
last minute so we were able to stretch out a little.
 Another Pinterest idea.
 I used some Chevron ribbon and twine from the Etsy shop.
 I ran out of my good china.  Guess I need more than 12 settings.
 Cupcake centerpiece.  I used a bunch of extra flowers and 
butterflies punched out to make the confetti for the table.

 Here are the dyed eggs.  You dye the egg whites like you do
a regular egg in the shell.  The egg white absorbs the dye and
gives you a really cool looking deviled egg.  They will taste
like vinegar unless you wash them off.  The original source
did not say she rinsed the eggs but we did.  Then I piped the
filling in with a Wilton star tip.
Pretty eggs!
Can't forget the Easter Bunny!  He did stop by but this year he left most of the candy and chocolate at home.  He brought N his first set of hockey gear.  He's had the helmet and skates for a while but he needs the rest to learn how to skate fully equipped.  
 Look!  Its the easter Puggie!

 Mmmmm... Candy for breakfast!

How cute is 'Boom Boom'?

Little cousin Nolan came for a visit too!

 Family tradition.  (Did anyone else start singing that song...? Just me?)
Anyway, its a family tradition to put olives on our fingers.
 First peep!

And now we're on Spring Break!  I did my best to plan some fun activities for the week.  Stuff that will keep us busy and out of the house for a couple of hours a day.  My goal is no tv or movies (except the movie we see in the theater).


  1. oh what fun- your table decorations were awesome!! love the baskets! great job

  2. Wow, all your creations are so pretty. Your table looks wonderful! That must have taken alot of time, it was well worth it.

  3. WOW!! Love all the crafts you made, so beautiful!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend :)
    Love your flower container, I just put a summery one together, I didn't make it by Easter, teehee.
    Your Easter bunny sure is cute :)
    I am a Canadian girl, but don't watch hockey. Well I did watch them during the Winter Olympics.