Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Organization breeds creativity

I wish I had time and the mojo each day to sit down and create something but I don't.  In a perfect world right?  So when I can't/don't want to create something, I find something to do.  Like troll Pinterest.  Or clean up my room.  There is always something that needs organizing right?

That was my mission last week.  In the middle of everything I lost my stack of layouts and cards to photograph.  Whoops!  But I found them.  I took pictures of everything and have enough pictures for 2 weeks of blog posts!  Yay!

Here is just the beginning of my creativity!

 I used the new Pink Paislee Prairie Hill line.
 Kraft folder is from Jillibean Soup.

 I was serious about the Studio Calico veneer.....  (Its going to be
one of those hidden Mickeys - for all you Disney fans out there.)

The lighting has been horrible here since the clouds rolled back in.  If I had
taken photos of my projects when the sun was out I might have better photos of
my projects.  Oh well!
I dug out my trusty Glossy Accents for this one and coated the kite and string
with it.  Just to make it pop off the page.

And if you're interested in anything I'm getting rid of, you can find images and prices here.


  1. great layout! love the photos!!!!!!!!

  2. Great work! Love the photos and the mix ofg colors and patterns!

  3. I love the warm colors of your layouts. I know what you mean about not being able to create every day, I can't do it either. As much as I would love to, I just don't have the time. One of my favorite pass times is organizing so its my go to activity in my studio. I just love moving everything around and discovering things I forgot I had. It's like shopping in my own little store :D

  4. Oh! I love this spread. It's gorgeous.
    I especially love the glossy accent on the kite. Really makes it pop!

  5. Great pages! Love the kite, and your potty people. I still have a bunch of those that I hoard! lol. BUT, in my defense, I used 2 of them just the other day also.

  6. Love the Kite and SC wooden people! Now I have all the time (so it seems)and lots of ideas, but I just have a hard time getting it on the paper and finishing. Lots of starts, but getting there. Keep it up.

  7. awesome layout and awesome photos!

  8. This is a great layout.
    I like that your photos look like silhouettes