Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I was lucky enough to take a class with Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey this last weekend.  I say lucky because I have bad luck when it comes to cool classes.  Its not often that there are teachers I really want to take classes with.  When there are, I'm usually booked for the day or out of town. Lets not even go down the 'who can I get to watch my kid?' route either.

So when the pieces fell into place for me to take this class, I took my chance.  It was worth every penny and the 70 mile drive down to San Diego.

The store that put on the classes is amazing.  Its a tiny store but so much fun packed into that small space.  I found Paper Tales during the Shop Hop last summer and I've been dying to go back.

 Every detail had a personal touch.

Lots of misting, water colors and techniques I've been wanting to try.  We got to play with some new prodcuts too.  And I got to personally thank Amy for making this shirt for N last year.  I swear, he wore it for months and still asks for it.  I guess I need her to make me a '5' shirt soon!


  1. what a fun class, i would love to go to a class, but there are not many shops
    here. most are only online . Love amy's new line:)

  2. So many fun goodies. Looks like a fun class. Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh what fun classes!!! and awesome work

  4. How really, really cool!!!
    looks like an amazing class :)
    And that shirt is soooo cute!

  5. Looks like it was a fun class!! Love the cute details they put into it!

  6. It looks like it was a really great class and that shirt is so cute!

  7. Oh I am jealous. Sounds like a well deserved treat for you!

  8. So jealous! I would love to take a class from those girls! Looks like fun!