Friday, April 6, 2012

Sharing my Yosemite mini

I finished this one up.  I got a little lazy towards the end but I was ready for it to be done.  I will say that I enjoyed the Daybook so much more than my Smash books.  All 5 of those sit untouched on the book shelf....

I might have to trade those in for more Daybooks.

 Products used on cover: AC Thickers, Amy Tan stitched tag, OA Boarding Pass Stickers,
Amy Tan Washi, Shaped paper clip (car).

 Products used inside are a collection of random bits including: Amy Tan 
diecuts, Flair from Etsy, Tags from Chic Tags and stuff picked up along
the way.

 Pocket holds some extra photos and a sticker from 
the roadside stop.

 Our receipt to get back into the Park.

 I added a lot of the same things I did to my son books because
we have 2-3 of them.  I pick up extras never knowing what I want 
to do with them and in this case, I had enough stuff to cover N's book,
my book and then Project Life.

I just really liked that this was a smaller book than say, a Smash book.  Less space to worry about.  Trust me, by the end of this I was just wanting it finished and out of the way.  Of course, I had also spent time on my sons book.  I'm dreading Project Life - thats the LAST Yosemite trip anything planned for a while.  I need to put the photos on the back burner for now and not worry about them for a while.


  1. Great travel book! I love all the photos you were able to include and all the other little bits. :)

  2. That turned out so cute!
    I have a daybook I have been saving for our next trip :)

  3. your travel journal! Makes me want to get out there and go...anywhere!

  4. Very fun! Love your take on it.
    I'm in love with the little camera button.

  5. Oh I love your book. I just got my hands on one and can't wait. I think I will enjoy it more than a smash too.

  6. I love your mini book and how you included other info in it like pamphlets, maps etc.

  7. Another fabulous mini!! Can I use your photos on my blog?