Monday, April 30, 2012

Planning a birthday party

I'm gearing up and getting into birthday mode.  I have 3 months to finalize the details of the party for my soon to be 5 year old.

5 years old!  Where the heck did the time go??

Other than his first birthday party, I've been pretty low key with the celebrations but since this is #5 I figured I might as well put a little more thought into it.

Right now, his world revolves around trains and hockey.  We've done trains so hockey it is!

I've been slowly gathering the info I need to get this party planned.

It will be a skating party for N and his friends at our local rink:

Then there are the cool invites:
courtesy of Etsy (only with the LA Kings).

Our favorite mascot will be there:

He gets to skate with the kids and hand out Kings goodie bags.

And then the cake.  I can't decide yet what I want but it will be Kings themed.

Possible party favor......
And decorations courtesy of Party City:

Now I just need to coordinate the Mascot and Rink and I can put everything together.......


  1. oh how fun!! the invites are just way too cool! he is going to LOVE this

  2. Sounds like the perfect party for a little boy! My nephew had a party at the hockey rink this year too. It's a fun time for any adults attending too! Good luck with the plans. :)

  3. OMGosh, what a great party! Love the invites and the theme :) Happy 5th birthday! xo

  4. Very cute idea! I hope you have Pinterest because there's no better way to plan a party!

    You and I think alike. I did my son's 1st bday party last year and I told my husband, no more until he's 5. Once every 5 years is perfect!

  5. Very cool! He is gonna be on top of the world!!