Sunday, April 22, 2012

And the cleaning continues.....

Because I have WAY too much stuff that I won't use.  Because I keep finding boxes from the move and I'm shocked I kept certain things while packing.

So I listed a bunch of items on 2 Peas FSOT boards again.  Here's a link to the Flickr page with everything listed.  If you're interested, let me know.  The Goody Boxes are a great deal.  Lots of items in each box.  So if you know anyone that likes an assortment send them my way.  Or new scrappers.  They love getting boxes of product.

For Sale

Prices are all listed in the description.

Unpacking also means organizing the stuff I find into the current room setup.  In case you missed this post with pictures of my room, here's a link.....

That card catalog is my prized possession.  I got that for my birthday a couple of years ago before we moved and I never figured out what to put in it.  I use it now for my inks and stuff.  Each drawer is a different color.   I've added a few things to the drawers this week.

 I added the little cups of buttons, Martha Stewart flocking, micro beads
and anything else I came across.

I needed more space for my growing washi tape obsession.  I've have 4 more rolls come this week and it wasn't fitting in the slot I had for it in my big spinning rack.  Plus it wasn't in there by color and that was starting to annoy me.  So I pulled it out and reorganized it.  Then I added my 4 new colors that came on Saturday.


  1. I love the way you've organized your products by color :D

  2. I can see why that card catalog is your prized possession. It is gorgeous.
    Great washi tape collection. I think today may be washi tape blog day, as I have seen them shown on 5 different blogs already, teehee.
    Can you believe I don't have any washi tape :-O
    I have made my own though.