Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Okay, I used to hate this word, but now I love it. Just a little 'bling' on the layouts, you know? I'm a swarovski crystal freak and tend to look for ways to use them on my layouts.....
So, about those flowers I mentioned in my previous post. Here are a few more pictures. You just can't see the amount of bling on some of these but let me assure you, its there.

My mom and I did all different sizes
and colors. Loved the way they all came out.

Now, on to the Kings Prospect Camp. I was very impressed with some of the prospects and look forward to seeing them in a Kings Uni:

1 Richard Petiot - already technically played with the Kings, but I think he's developed over the last few months and he has a solid future ahead of him.

2. Konstantin Pushkarev - saw him on a line with Kopitar and O'Sullivan. For three guys who haven't played together before, they seemed to 'mesh'. O'Sullivan is the only one with speed on this line, but the other two make up for it in skill. I can see this as being one of the Kings top two lines in the future.

3. Anze Kopitar - pretty big. Not as fast as I thought, but I think he was a bit confused by some of the drills. In fact, I think a lot of them were a bit confused by what Marc Crawford was drawing on the wipe board. I liked what I saw though, he's a good finisher.

4. Patrick O'Sullivan - while I'm disgusted with the trade of Demitra, I can't be disappointed with who they got in the trade. O'Sully fits in well. He was the only one with any amount of speed out there and totally clicked with his Camp linemates Kopitar and Pushy. Hopefully this kid puts on a Kings uniform instead of a Manchester one this year.

5. Matt Ryan - I didn't see much of anything from him. Did not stand out on the first day of camp.

6. Petr Kanko - I love his grit and determination. He reminds me of Jeff Giuliano. There is heart and determination, but the skills are lacking. Most of the time, I saw him picking himself up off the ice and hustling back into the drill. I know the ice is bad, but no one else had this problem.

7. Brady Murray - He's small with a big mouth. It's always open and it seems he has a bit of Sean Avery Syndrome. He likes to be in charge and it constantly telling everyone else what to do. I didn't see any leader qualities in him, but I do see someone who likes to be the center of attention.

8. Gabe Gauthier and Dany Roussin - not much from either of these two. Someone commented that Roussin looked like crap because he was wearing Pavel Rosa's number. I don't think that was it.....

9. Brian Boyle - can you say drool? He's massive. At least a head above everyone else. He's not too bad on skates either. Most people his size don't skate well. He can skate. He's not drowning in finesse while on these skates, but he's god skills. A wicked shot and he uses his size to get in the middle of the situation. Several times I saw him planting his behemoth frame in front of the goalies. Now if that isn't a screened shot, I don't know what is. Oh, and he's probably the best looking (yes, I mean HOT) of the rookies. Sorry, Cammy, but Boyle has the tall, dark and handsome features. You're just dark and handsome. I like my men TALL and Mr. Boyle is tall. I'm glad he decided to stay with Boston for his Senior year.

10. Trevor Lewis - the other draft pick. Not too bad, but I think he needs some time in Manchester to develop.

11. Patrick Hersley - okay, so here's another one that I'm very interested to see how he does in the NHL. This kid has a wicked shot from the point. Corvo like shot, but he's fairly accurate. I liked what I saw, but I'm not sure if he's ready for the NHL level. Maybe another one to sit in Manchester for development.

12. Everyone else I haven't mentioned (Greg Hogeboom, David Meckler, Ned Lukacevic, Contantin Braun, Ryan McGinnis, Bud Halloway, Martin Nolet, Peter Harrold, Paul Baier, Joey Mormina, Joe Ryan and Niclas Anderson) - None of them stood out of the crowd. Some I can see being sent to Manchester for development and re-evaluation in a few years.

13. Goaltending - 6 goalies in attendance.

13a. Ryan Munce - not too bad. A little slow to recover on the butterfly.
13b. Barry Brust - still not NHL level.
13c. Jeff Zatkoff - nothing special
13d. Jonathan Bernier - defintely worth the draft pick. Could have some serious potential.
13e. Daniel Taylor - very surprised by this one. Very quick post to post. Made some awesome saves on the Sully, Kopitar Pushy line.
13f. Jonathan Quick - Manchester material.
13g. Matt Zaba - Not bad. Not great either.

So, once I upload my pics I'll post them. There are some good ones over at http://www.letsgokings.com.

I also spoke with Dave Taylor who seems to still be with the team in some respect. Rumor has it, hes a consultant. I didn't see any of the AEG brass walking around although from what I heard, they were there earlier.

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  1. Well if Brady Murray and stir the pot respectfully, then can we get rid of Avery? Still can't quite figure out why Lombardi re-signed him. Yes, I had heard that Taylor will remain with the organization but I'm sure doing exactly what is murky. I'm a huge Taylor fan, was there at his beginning, but it was time for a change. I'll never forget seeing him in my local mall during the 2003 semi's the night the Ducks made it to the finals. You'd think he'd be home watching what was going on in hockey world. Oh well. Thanks for the rest of the report.