Sunday, July 2, 2006

Sunday Blogger Challenge....

on 2 Peas today. What is your favorite holiday and why?

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. The family is together and the food is awesome. Plus, I'm a winter girl, so I try to find snow somewhere at least once during the season. I usually go to New York for a few days to get into the Holiday Spirit. Nothing says Christmas like walking around New York City. And hey, its a chance to get away from California. I can't seem to get in the mood here. How could you when its 90 degrees the day you pick up your Christmas tree. I seriously need to move somewhere that has 4 seasons. I can't handle the all of 2 we have here. Warm and Hot with the occasional nasty August thrown in there. No thanks. Give me a nice round year with a perfect spring and a fall. I miss those two seasons, but when you live in the 'desert of the coast' this is what you get.
For Thanksgiving, we've rented cabins in the mountains which is fun. The whole family has gone and just Bryan., Rascal and I. Lots of fun. Just take your own food and hide out in a cabin for a few days. The holidays are a perfect way to get away from everything.

On another note, Ranjini at Scrapologie released the Sneak Peak of the July kit. If you haven't seen her stuff, you need to head over there and check it out. It goes on sale tonight for members. If you aren't a member, head over there and inquire. Get your name on the list so that in September, you can get the kit. She's taking August off since they will be at CHA but she left us all with an amazing kit - Urban Gypsy.

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