Saturday, July 8, 2006

Busy Day!!!

Just got back from Ever After down in San Diego, CA. Took two classes with Michelle Hill from Lil Davis Designs - I just love her! We dia cute summer album made with cake circles. Yes, those cardboard dealies that they put cakes on. She makes albums out of everything. She said she's been known to dig through the trash after a CKU looking for things to make albums out of. Very clever.
The other class was the "BE" book. Pink and Brown. I need to make this blue and brown for me - not much into pink, but I think I'll give the pink one to my mom. She's a pink person. So cute. I'll post pics tomorrow.

2 Peas Blog Question of the day is what music or movies do you listen to while you scrap?

I usually have XM Radio on (80's, 90's or the Mix) and if I'm feeling specific, the iPod gets plugged in. We have surround sound in my studio so I can plug them in and listen to them REAL loud if I want too. :) I'm tone deaf so its probably a good thing the music is turned up loud. Since I just got back from a Counting Crows concert, I'm really into my Crows. Once the hockey season starts up again, I'll probably put my hockey mix back in.

Speaking of Hockey, lots of rumors floating around about the Kings and Brendan Shannahan. I could handle seeing him in a Kings uni, but we'll see. One of our three goaltenders has got to go. We can't keep all of them. Its going to be Clotuier (from Vancouver) and Garon or Labarbera. I want to keep Labarbera but my friend likes Garon so I guess we'll see. One of us will be disappointed when this is all over!


  1. That album sounds so clever! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Ok I absolutely LOVE Ever After and that class sounds like it was a blast! I live in So Cal too!! Oh and a fellow Kings fan!!!

  3. Wow Erica, thanks to Araxi, you now have another blog-fan of yours. Count me as another scrapbooker and a die hard Kings fan since I was 10. You should see my license plate. We need to talk. And BTW, XM 204 hockey talk radio. It doesn't get better than that, even in the off season. And not totally sure how Shanahan will help the Rangers but Detroit's hurting and that's a good thing for us in the Western Conference.