Thursday, July 13, 2006

My little cousins....

...are all getting into Scrapbooking because of me. I have two little ones that live in Kitty Hawk. I give their grandmother, my Great Aunt, any scraps and old stuff I don't want and she sends care packages back to them. They're going to be at the wedding this weekend so I made something for them. Just something small to puts pictures of this weekend in. I ordered 2 extra Projects kits from the Jenni Bowlin July kit and made them. Aren't these cute? I love Jenni Bowlin's stuff. I have a ton of glitter and shells left over. I made two books using the supplies for one. I coated the shells with Little Davis Designs Glitter Glaze to give them a shiny look and painted the book with light blue glitter paint from LDD. I wrapped each one in a bag with a one time camera for them to use. I love when kids take pictures - you get a different perspective on things.

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