Sunday, July 2, 2006

Free Agency begins

So, the first big free agency deadline after the lockout was yesterday. I was a little shocked and surprised by a few of the signings.
First of all, the Kings signed Rob Blake to a 2 year deal. First, this guy wants out of LA so badly that he badmouths the fans and management, heads to Colorado where he continues to snub LA (and the fans subsequently booed him - I'm not a booer, but I don't like his attitude.) I have a feeling we're going to start seeing a lot of the old players come back now that Andy Murray is gone. So, welcome back Rob.

Two players that were hard to see go were Mark Parrish and Joe Corvo. Corvo is a heavy duty blueliner that the Kings need. He paired well with Lubo last season. But now he plays in Ottawa, which sucks. I hate when players are traded to the 'other' Conference. It means we'll never see him play. That occasional game every three years thanks to the moron who is running the league now and his new schedule. Parrish only played for the team for a few months, but he would have been a great fit under the new coaching staff. He loves hanging out in front of the net, which is something the Kings need. But, he wanted to play in Minnesota.

The Kings also signed Scott Thornton - I wanted Joe, or both. Can we have both of them? And while we're at it, we need to sign Marleau and Cheechoo too. Okay Dean, lets go.

Still a lot of free agents out there so we'll see what the next few days brings us. JR hasn't been signed by anyone yet and the more he opens his bog mouth, I think he'll find that no one wants him. he played horribly last year (hard for me to say because I was REALLY excited about this trade). He wants to go back to Chicago, but they don't have any interest in him. No one seems too. I have a feeling he'll get some mercy offer from someone and begrudgingly take it. I'd love to see him back in LA but only at a lower salary and a promise of public flogging if he prances around on the ice whining about skates again.

One good thing came out of this, the Kings FINALLY sent out some information regarding Season Ticket renewal for next season. We've all been waiting. Lots of dates included in the email: Breakfast with the GM, Select a Seat etc. Very excited about the upcoming season and to see what Lombardi and Crawford can do with this team. Also excited to see if Bill Ranford was indeed signed as the Goaltending Coach.

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