Monday, August 8, 2011

Canadian Tire

Of all the times I've been to Canada, I can't remember ever seeing or shopping in a Canadian Tire.  I thought it was a tire store.  Its not.

During the Winter Olympics, the issued these really cool gloves that I just had to have.  Someone offered to procure a set for me because she'd seen them at her local Canadian Tire.  This just sent me down a path that I might regret later - or my husband might regret....

Why would a tire shop carry gloves?  Were they by the register as an impulse buy?  Instead of googling Canadian Tire, I dropped it.  I never did get the gloves because once people knew CT had them, they were gone.  So on the last day in Calgary, mom and I stopped into the local scrapbook store which just happens to be down the street from CT.

What did I find in Canadian Tire?  Well, if you're a Flames fan, a lot of good stuff.  I wish a Kings fan could get some of this cool stuff.  Com'on a grill cover?  I don't do the grilling around here but I'd {love} a Kings grill cover.  And buying a pair of skates AND getting them sharpened while you shop for garden supplies?  Genius.  Here in So Cal you have to find a hockey specialty shop and I know of one.  One.  And the last time I was in there, they really didn't impress.

 Grill covers!
 Mini fridge.  I would have loved one of these in my dorm room.  I had a plain black one......
 Anything you need to get a kid playing hockey.

 He had his all picked out.  If it would have fit in the carryon we would have brought it home.
 And don't forget your Canadian flag .
 Asking grandma to buy him the stick.

 A quick lunch at the Chinook Mall and a ride on the carousel and it was time to pack to come home....which I reluctantly did.

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