Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I might have about 20 of these $1 frames from Michaels just laying around waiting to be used.  For $1 you get a nice wood frame, the perfect canvas for anything.  I ended up not using any real products on the frame this time because of the look I was going for.

I wanted beachy.  Summery.

I've seen the Tim Holtz Crackle Paints before but since I'm not into art mediums, I just pass them by.  I use mists on occasion and maybe some Zing from American Crafts but thats extreme for me.

Crackle Paint just wasn't something I wanted to try.  Until I got bored and wanted to try something else.  While on the shop hop, I was at a store that sold pretty much everything Tim Holtz had ever made.  Including every color of the Crackle Paint.

This is what it looks like on the wooden frame when its dry.

And with the help of Nick, we glued on the shells.  I used a hot glue gun so they stuck.  One of these has to travel back to Calgary with my dad so I wanted to make sure they were stuck down.  Nick picked the shell and where he wanted it to go and I put the glue down.  It was our art project for the day.

The second frame is for my grandparents.  Nicks Great-Grandparents.

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